What can Kirilla Mihai do for you?

Most important of all, Kirilla Mihai offers a good inventory of artwork that fits within your budget and is focused on bringing identity to your space. Our clients range from large corporate offices to small workplaces and residential homes.

You can contact Kirilla Mihai if you are interested in the following:


A mural is a great way to decorate your walls. The artwork is painted directly the wall, it is custom made and it usually comes at a lower price than the canvas art.


Art Sale
All the artwork on the website is for sale, after you have chosen an artwork you can pick up the artwork yourself, or we can offer delivery to your home or office.


Art Rental
All the artworks in the collection are also available for rent. You pay 4% of the value per month and you save 2% of it. With the savings you are able to buy the rented painting at the end of the rental period.


Custom painting 
You have an idea or vision that you want painted on a canvas size of your choosing, we will work together in order to bring your idea to life.